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Industry and Infrastructure

24. Pontoon Bridge - Bull Run, VA, 1862

25. Federal Engineers Bridging the Tennessee River - Chattanooga, TN, March 1864

26. Digging the Dutch Gap Canal on the James River - VA, 1864

27. The Four Tiered, 780 Foot Long Railroad Trestle Bridge Built by Federal Engineers (A Guard Camp is also Shown) - Whiteside, TN, 1864

28. Pontoon Bridge Across the James River - Richmond, VA, 1865

79. Excavating for a "Y" at Devereux Station on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad

General Hermann Haupt, Chief of Construction and Transportation, U.S. Military Railroads, is Standing on the Bank Supervising the Work. The "General Haupt," the Engine Pulling the Train, Was Named in Haupt's Honor

80. Station Showing an Engine and Cars, in November 1863, Lincoln had to Change Trains at this Point to Dedicate the Gettysburg Battlefield - Hanover Junction, PA

81. U.S. Military Railroads Engine "General Haupt," Built in 1863

82. Ruins of the Confederate Enginehouse, Showing the Engines "Telegraph" and "O.A. Bull" - Atlanta, GA, September 1864

83. Ruins of Hood's 28-Car Ammunition Train and the Schofield Rolling Mill - Near Atlanta, GA, September 1864

84. Depot of the U.S. Military Railroads, Showing the Engine "President" - City Point, VA, 1864

85. U.S. Military Railroads Engine No.137, Built in 1864 in the Yards at Chattanooga, Tenn., with Troops Lined Up in the Background

86. The Engine "Firefly" on a Trestle of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad

349. Tennessee River, Blockhouse on the Bank

350. Blockhouse Near Aqueduct Bridge - Arlington Heights, VA

351. Fortified Railroad Bridge Across Cumberland River - Nashville, TN, 1864

352. Blockhouse on the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad ñ Near Chattanooga, TN, 1864

369. New Bridge Built by McDowell's Engineers, Photographer's Wagon at Left - Bull Run, VA, August 1862

395. View of the Completed Dutch Gap Canal - James River, VA, April 1865

396. The Canal under Construction - Dutch Gap, VA, November 1864

429. Grapevine Bridge Built May 27-28, 1862, by the 5th New Hampshire Infantry under Colonel Edward E. Cross - Chickahominy River, VA, 1862

488. Engineers Building Corduroy Road Near Richmond, VA, June 1862

617. Guns and Ruined Buildings Near the Tredegar Iron Works - Richmond, VA, April 1865

618. View of the Tredegar Iron Works, with Footbridge to Neilson's Island - Richmond, VA, April 1865

678. Railroad Bridge and Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works on Belle Isle - Richmond, VA, April 1865

711. Damaged Locomotives - Richmond, VA, 1865

712. Crippled Locomotive, Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Depot - Richmond, VA, 1865

721. Ruins of Paper Mill with Water Wheel - Richmond, VA, 1865