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338. General Henry Prince of the 2nd Division, 3rd Corps, and Staff - Culpeper, VA

Seated, Left to Right: Captain B.W. Hoxie (70th N.Y. Infantry), Lt. E.A. Belger (70th N.Y. Infantry), Lt. W.J. Rusling (5th N.J. Infantry), General Prince, Major Charles Hamlin, A.A.G., Captain G.S. Russell (5th N.J. Infantry)

Standing: Captain J. W. Holmes (72 N.Y. Infantry), Captain T. P. Johnson, A.Q.M., unknown, Assistant Surgeon J.F. Calhoun, Lt. Albert Ordway (24th Massachusetts Infantry), unknown, unknown

341. General George G. Meade and Staff on Steps of Wallack's House - Culpeper, VA, September 1863

On Meade's Right are General Andrew A. Humphreys, Chief of Staff, and Major J.C. Biddle, A.D.C.

353. George A. Custer, Nicolas Bowen, and William G. Jones - The Peninsula, VA, May 1862

358. Members of General Ulysses S. Grant's Staff from the Siege of Petersburg, June 1864 - April 1865 - City Point, VA

359. General Ambrose E. Burnside (reading newspaper) with Mathew B. Brady (nearest tree) at Army of the Potomac Headquarters

373. General Ambrose E. Burnside and Staff - Warrenton, VA, November 1862

374. General Ambrose E. Burnside and Staff (another view) - Warrenton, VA, November 1862

380. George A. Custer and General Alfred Pleasonton on Horseback -Falmouth, VA, April 1863

387. Members of the Class of 1860, U.S. Military Academy - Harrison's Landing, VA, August 1862

390. Scouts and Guides of the Army of the Potomac - Brandy Station, VA, March 1864

Standing, left to right: James Doughty, James Cammack, Unknown, Henry W. Dodd, Unknown, Unknown. Seated: John Irving, Lt. Robert Klein, 3rd Indiana Cavalry, Dan Cole.

On ground: Dan Plue, Lt. Klein's son, W.J. Lee, Unknown, Wood, Sanford Magee, John W. Langdon

399. Aides De Camp to General Joseph Hooker - Falmouth, VA, April 1863

 Captain William L. Candler, Captain Harry Russell, and Captain Alexander Moore

409. Lieutenants Wright and John W. Ford of Averell's Cavalry - Westover Landing, VA, August 1862

426. Lieutenant James B. Washington, a Confederate Prisoner, with (then a Captain) George A. Custer of the 5th Cavalry, U.S.A. - Fair Oaks, VA, May 31, 1862

431. Colonel John R. Coxe, A.C.S., and Lady Seated Before His Log-cabin Winter Quarters at Army of the Potomac Headquarters - Brandy Station, VA, February 1864

434. Colonel Albert V. Colburn, Colonel Delos B. Sacket, and General John Sedgwick -Harrison's Landing, VA, August 1862

437. Lieutenant Robert Clarke, Captain John C. Tidball, Lieutenant William N. Dennison, and Captain Alexander C.M. Pennington Standing by a Battery ñ Near Fair Oaks, VA, June 1862

463. Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (fifth from left) and Staff aboard the U.S.S. Pawnee - Charleston Harbor, SC

465. General Jefferson Davis, Officer of the Federal Army, and Staff - Washington, D.C., July 1865

469. General Gustavus A. DeRussey (third from left) and Staff on Portico of Arlington House - Arlington, VA, May 1864

525. Generals of the Army of the Potomac: Gouverneur K. Warren, William H. French, George G. Meade, Henry J. Hunt, Andrew A. Humphreys, George Sykes - Culpeper, VA, September 1863

501. Colonel Benjamin F. Fisher and Staff on Steps of Signal Corps Headquarters, 1816 F St., NW - Washington, D.C., April 1865

502. Officers and Ladies on Porch of a Garrison House - Fort Monroe, VA, 1864

A1011. Company E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, at Fort Lincoln - Washington DC

552. Captain Horatio G. Gibson (second from left) and Officers of His Battery ñ Near Fair Oaks, VA, June 1862

577. Provost Marshal General Marsena R. Patrick and Staff - Culpeper, VA, September 1863

590. General Randolph B. Marcy with Officers and Civilians at Army of the Potomac Headquarters - Antietam, MD, October 3, 1862

594. General William Hoffman, Commissary General of Prisoners (at right) and Staff on Steps of Office, F. St. at 20th NW - Washington, D.C., 1865

615. General Rufus Ingalls, Chief Quartermaster, and Officers, Army of the Potomac Headquarters - Brandy Station, VA, April 1864

620. The Staff of General Fitz-John Porter; Lieutenant William G. Jones and (then Lieutenant) George A. Custer Reclining - The Peninsula, VA, May 20, 1862

624. General Judson Kilpatrick, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, with Ladies and Staff Members on the Porch of Headquarters - Stevensburg, VA, March 1864

626. General Edwin V. Sumner and Staff - Warrenton, VA, November 13, 1862

Left to right: Captain W.G. Jones, Major Laurence Kip, A.D.C., Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Taylor, A.A.C., General Sumner, Captain J.M. Garland, Chief of Ambulances, Captain S.S. Sumner, A.D.C., Unknown, Lieutenant Colonel W.W. Teall

640. Portrait of General George G. Meade, Officer of the Federal Army, and Corps Commanders, Horatio G. Wright, John A. Logan, Meade, John G. Parke, Andrew A. Humphreys ñ Near Washington, DC, June 1865

656. General Napoleon B. McLaughlin, Officer of the Federal Army, and Staff ñ Near Washington, DC

665. General William Gamble and Staff at Camp Stoneman, the Cavalry Depot at Giesborough Point - District of Columbia, May 1865

688. Group in Front of Post Office Tent at Army of the Potomac Headquarters - Falmouth, VA, April 1863

693. Group of the Irish Brigade - Harrison's Landing, VA, July 1862

716. General John A. Rawlins, Chief of Staff, with Wife and Child at Door of Their Quarters - City Point, VA

729. Major H. W. Sawyer and Staff at Camp Stoneman - District of Columbia, March 1865

774. Captain Samuel A. McClellan, Captain J. Henry Sleeper, Captain O'Neil W. Robinson, All of the Artillery Brigade, 3rd Corps, and Alfred R. Waud, Artist Correspondent - Brandy Station, VA, December 1863

788. General Orlando B. Willcox and Staff, 3rd Division, 9th Corps - Petersburg, VA, 1864

802. General Phillip H. Sheridan with Staff

34. General Philip Sheridan and Generals in Front of Sheridan's Tent - 1864

Left to right: Wesley Merritt, David McM.Gregg, Sheridan, Henry E. Davies (standing), James H. Wilson, and Alfred Torbert

289. Portrait of General Alfred Pleasonton, Officer of the Federal Army, and Staff - Warrenton, VA, October 1863

Standing: 1. Lt. Ira W. Trask, 8th Ill. Cav. 2. Lt. George W. Yates, 4th Mich. Inf. 3. Lt. James F. Wade, 6th U.S. Cav. 4. Lt. Henry Baker, 5th U.S. Cav. 5. Lt. Leicester Walker, 5th U.S. Cav. 6. Capt. Charles C. Suydam, A.A.G. 7. Lt. Daniel W. Littlefield, 7th Mich. Cav. 8. Unknown. 9. Lt. Curwen B. McLellan, 6th U.S. Cav. 10. Unknown. 11. Lt. G. Irvine Whitehead, 6th Pa. Cav. Seated: 1. Lt. Col. Albert S. Austin, Chief Commissary. 2. Col. George A. H. Blake, 1st U.S. Cav. 3. General Pleasonton. 4. Lt. Col. Charles R. Smith, 6th Pa. Cav., Chief of Staff. 5. Capt. Henry B. Hays, 6th U.S. Cav., Ordnance Officer. On ground: 1. Lt. Woodbury M. Taylor, 8th Ill. Cav. 2. Capt. Enos B. Parsons, 8th N.Y. Cav. 3. Capt. Frederick C. Newhall, 6th Pa. Cav. 4. Lt. Clifford Thomson, 1st N.Y. Cav. 5. Surgeon S. L. Pancoast, U.S.V. 6. Lt. B. T. Hutchins, 6th U.S. Cavalry

288. President Lincoln with General George B. McClellan and Group of Officers - Antietam, MD, October 3, 1862

1. Col. Delos B. Sacket, I.G. 2. Capt. George Monteith. 3. Lt. Col. Nelson B. Sweitzer. 4. General George W. Morell. 5. Colonel Alexander S. Webb, Chief of Staff, 5th Corps. 6. General George B. McClellan. 7. Scout Adams. 8. Dr. Jonathan Letterman, Army Medical Director. 9. Unknown. 10. President Lincoln. 11. General Henry J. Hunt. 12. General Fitz-John Porter. 13. Unknown. 14. Col. Frederick T. Locke, A.A.G. 15. General Andrew A. Humphreys. 16. Col. George A. Batchelder, Ordnance Officer, 1st Div., 5th Corps.

22. General George Thomas and a Group of Officers at a Council of War near Ringgold, GA, May 5, 1864

23. Council of War, General Grant Looking at Map over General Meade's Shoulder - Massaponax Church, VA, May 21, 1864

458. Council of War,  General Grant examining Map Held by General George G. Meade - May 21 1864 Massaponax Church, VA, May 21, 1864

459. Council of War, General Grant (left end of bench nearest tree) Writing a Dispatch - Massaponax Church, VA, May 21, 1864

460. Council of War, General Grant, General George G. Meade, Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, and other Officers - Massaponax Church, VA, May 21, 1864

223. Lieutenant Commander Edward Barrett and Lieutenant Cornelius N. Schoonmaker of the U.S. Monitor Catskill at Battery Bee, Sullivan's Island, Charleston Harbor, 1865

254. Deck and Officers of U.S.S. Monitor Catskill, Lieutenant  Commander Edward Barrett Seated on the Turret  - Charleston Harbor, SC

A905. President Abraham Lincoln's Last Reception

A906. Crowd at Lincoln’s 2nd Inauguration in 1865

A907. President Lincoln taking the Oath at his Second Inauguration - Washington, D.C., March 4, 1865

A908. President Lincoln's Second Inaugural - Washington, D.C.

A909. Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln with Crowds - Washington, D.C., March 4, 1861

A910. Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln, Another View - Washington, D.C., March 4, 1861

405. General Charles Thomas, Assistant Quartermaster General - Washington, D.C., 1865

With Benjamin C. Card and George D. Wise, Division Chiefs, and other Staff on Steps of Quartermaster General's Office, Corcoran's Building, 17th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

A976. William Tecumseh Sherman (front row, center) and a Large Group of Union Veterans - 1888

A1000. Three officers of the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery - Fort Brady, VA

A1014. Life in Camp Cameron