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Artillery Units and Equipment

58. Confederate Water Battery (Columbiad Guns) - Warrington, FL at the Entrance to Pensacola Bay - February 1861

59. Confederate Quaker Guns, (Logs Mounted to Deceive the Union Forces) in the Fortifications at Centreville, VA - March 1862

60. A 13 inch Mortar Dictator Mounted on a Railroad Flatcar near Petersburg, VA (View 1) - October 1864

290. The Dictator (View 2) - Petersburg, VA October 1864

61. A Confederate Napoleon Gun used in the Defense of Atlanta - 1864

62. A 200 Pound Parrott Rifle Located in Fort Gregg on Morris Island, SC - 1865

63. Confederate Torpedoes, Shot, and Shells in Front of the Charleston Arsenal - Charleston, SC, 1865

64. A 15 inch Rodman Gun in Battery Rodgers - Alexandria, VA

216. The Lincoln Gun (15 inch Rodman Columbiad) - Fort Monroe, VA, 1864

221. Captured Siege Guns at Rocketts (View 1) - Richmond, VA, 1865

222. Captured Siege Guns at Rocketts (View 2) - Richmond, VA, 1865

A1012. African American soldier guarding 12-pdr. Napoleon - City Point, VA

227. The Beauregard Gun - Fort Pulaski, GA, April 1862 

232. Stacked and Scattered Ammunition Near the Virginia State Arsenal - Richmond, VA, April 1865

320. A 12 Pound Howitzer Gun Captured by Butterfield's Brigade near Hanover Court House (View 1) - May 27 1862

321. A 12 Pound Howitzer Gun Captured by Butterfield's Brigade near Hanover Court House (View 2) - May 27 1862

778. Confederate Brass Mountain Howitzers (Location Unknown)

8. Battery at Drill - Ringgold, GA

204. 1st Connecticut Artillery Gun Crews Drilling at Fort Richardson - Defenses of Washington, Arlington VA

205. Brigade Officers of the Horse Artillery Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel  William Hays - Near Fair Oaks, VA, 1862

Standing, left to right: Lt. Edmund Pendleton, Lt. Alex C. M. Pennington, Capt. Henry Benson, Capt, H.M. Gibson, Lt. James E. Wilson, Capt. John C. Tidball, Lt. William N. Dennison.

Seated, left to right: Capt. Horatio Gibson, Lt. Peter C. Hains, Lt. Col. William Hays, Capt. James M. Robertson, Lt. J.W. Barlow. Seated on the ground, left to right: Lt. Robert H. Chapin, Lt. Robert Clarke, A.C. Vincent.

206. Two Wiard Guns at the Arsenal, General Daniel E. Sickles Standing on the Left - Washington, D.C., 1862

215. Three Officers of the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Company C  - Fort Brady, VA, 1864

220. Gun Crews of Company H, 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at Fort Lincoln - Defenses of Washington, District of Columbia, 1865

230. View of 6th NY Encampment  - Brandy Station, VA, April 1864

248. Company F, 2nd NY Artillery at Fort C. F. Smith  - Defense of Washington, Arlington VA, August 1865

249. Gun Crew of Company K, 2nd NY Artillery in Fort C. F. Smith - Defense of Washington, Arlington VA, August 1865

250. Interior View of Fort C. F. Smith with Gun Crew of Company L, 2nd NY Artillery - Defense of Washington, Arlington VA, August 1865

251. Officers of Company F, 2nd NY Artillery at Fort C. F. Smith - Defense of Washington, Arlington VA, August 1865

252. Officers and Men of Company F, 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery in Fort Stevens - Defense of Washington, District of Columbia, August 1865

253. Officers of Companies A and B, 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, near Quarters at Fort Totten - Defense of Washington, District of Columbia, August 1865

265. Captain Rufus D. Pettit's Battery B, 1st New York Light Artillery, in Fort Richardson - Near Fair Oaks, VA

266. Horatio G. Gibson's C and G Batteries - Near Fair Oaks, VA, June 1862

267. 20 Pound Parrott Rifled Guns of the 1st NY Battery - Near Richmond VA, June 1862

268. Confederate Water Battery Magruder, with Rodman Smooth Bore Siege Guns - Yorktown, VA, June 1862

269. Several officers from the 17th New York Battery - June 1863

270. 17th NY Battery with Horses Harnessed to Guns (View 1) - Near Washington D.C., June 1863

271. Sergeants of the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, with Gun and Caisson at Fort Totten - District of Columbia

340. Battery M, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Near Fair Oaks, VA

391. Federal Battery Fording a Tributary of the Rappahannock on the Day of the 2nd Bull Run/Manassas Battle - August 1862

484. Group of Officers with Gun at Artillery Headquarters - Culpeper, VA, September 1863

Left to right: Lt. Samuel S. Elder (4th U.S. Battery E), Lt. Alanson M. Randol (1st U.S. Battery E & G), Lt. C.K. Warner, Lt. Alex C.M. Pennington (2nd U.S. Battery M), Lt. Rufus King, Jr. (4th U.S. Battery A), Lt. T. Riley, Lt. H. B. Read

505. Officers of the 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery - Fort Monroe, VA

596. Officers of the U.S. Horse Artillery Brigade Commanded by Captain James M. Robertson - Culpeper, VA

822. 13 inch Seacoast Mortars of Federal Battery No. 4 with Officers of 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery - Near Yorktown, VA, May 1862

823. Washington, D.C. Company M, 9th New York Heavy Artillery, in a fort - Washington, D.C., 1865 August

824. Federal Artillery Park - Yorktown, VA

214. Battery of Parrott Guns Manned by Company C, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery - Fort Brady, VA, 1864